Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Oh Dear....

.... all our good weather has disappeared and it has been raining nearly all day. I tried to go outside a couple of times but decided against it when I saw the rain bouncing off my path! Oh dear, I was not a happy Squeak. Mind you, my MH cheered me up when she played with me and that was better.

There was a lot of thunder over my little island but that doesn't bother me at all. I don't like the lightening and neither does my MH but we are OK with the thunder.

I did manage a couple of trips into my garden and I lay on my path and watched the birdies having their dinner. We get lots and lots of birdies at our feeders and I love watching them. I don't hurt them and they are not frightened of me which makes me a very happy little puss.

The rain has finally gone off but the rest of the world has disappeared in the mist so I can't see very much at all.I will settle down for my after dinner nap and then if it is not pouring with rain I shall go out to play again.

But I am not holding out too much hope. Sigh!

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