Sunday, 17 July 2016

Squeak's Sunday

My day started after a long sleep beside my MH and lots of times through the night we both wakened up and had a wee cuddle and I liked that. I love my wee cuddles and so does she so we share lots of them.

We got up late and sat on my couch for a while and had a chat. She told me some of the things that she did on her holiday and I told her what I had been doing but I didn't tell her that I was a wee bit sad being on my own 'cos I am a brave puss and I don't want to upset her although I think she knows I missed her. But I am not sad any more.

I had my drink of milk and then nipped out the window to see what was happening in my garden. It wasn't a very good day as it was a bit damp and cool but I had a good play anyway before I wandered home again to see what my humans were doing.

And that really was how it went on. The old dear is still getting things cleaned and ironed so she was a wee bit busy, but she kept having wee rests so there were lots of times I was able to sit on her knee and I loved that.

She told me that if it is a good day tomorrow me and her are going to do some weeding 'cos there are little weeds popping up all over my garden and my humans do not like that at all, but as my DH is going back to the Cat Shop, it will be up to me and her to sort them out.

And with a team like us, they don't stand a chance!!

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