Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Longer Message

I was a bit lonely last night when my humans went away out, but between you and me, I was quite happy that the window was shut 'cos it was wet and windy and I wouldn't have been going out anyway. However, I did manage out for a while when they comed home but it was a rather wild night and I didn't really enjoy it. AND, it was very dark! I didn't stay out too long and as soon as I went in I plonked my adorable little body on my MH's knee and she told me all about the night they had had.

A friend of my MH is a music teacher and she brought nine growed up childrens to play a concert for all the peoples on my island and they were great. There were nine fiddle players, and accordionist and a keyboard player and they played lots and lots of tunes which everybody loved. There was a break for supper and then some dancing before they had to go away on the boat again, but my humans said they had a super time, and I am happy for them.

We have all had a very good day and my humans have been a bit lazy and with me all the time and I liked that. My MH tooked this picture of me when I was having a snooze and we are sure you will like it. I was cuddling my wee moose in my wee hoose and when my MH saw me, she said 'aaww' and she smiled.

Maybe you will do the same?

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