Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Tad Fed-Up

I suppose you will have worked out that the painting is still going on in my house and I am not the centre of attention as I should be. Oh, I got a few cuddles and there was time for a wee seat on my MH's knee when she was having a rest, but it was not at all as it should have been. I do understand of course. I am just that kind of puss, but I am not happy.

We had our usual morning with the old dear sitting on the couch and me sitting on the old dear until she had finished her breakfast. I got my wee drop of milk and then headed out to play 'cos it was warm although a bit windy, but I was quite happy playing. There are two little baby cows in the field in front of my living room and if my MH isn't too busy tomorrow I will ask her to take a picture of them for you. They are lovely and I think I shall have a chat with them when I am out for my nightly sojourn.

I was out for a long time and got quite a surprise when I plopped back in through the window 'cos my DH was busy painting the study and my MH was painting in the big cupboard, so I just wandered back into my living room and had a snooze on the back of my couch. Sigh!

My DH is off to the Cat Shop tomorrow so he won't be painting and my MH told me that she will be putting the stuff back into the study so she won't be painting either, so she told me that there will be lots of time for me and that is just fine and dandy in my book, thank you very much!

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