Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Very Normal Sunday

My poor old MH didn't want to get up this morning 'cos she was still a wee bit tired, so I just cuddled in beside her and we had another snooze till we really had to get up. We didn't do very much and my first stop was right on to her knee after I had my breakfast and I sat there till I got my little drink of milk and then I was off.

It was a lovely sunny day so I was desperate to get out to play and I had a super, duper time just taking my time wandering through the grass which is getting long outside my garden and in some place it is long enough for me to hide in as long as I remember to flatten the adorable little lugs!

My humans had a very easy day and didn't do any work in my house so there was always somebody there for me when I came home again although my MH had to go to feed my friend S.'s pussy cat and chooky hens and then she went out to do some of her craft things with her friends, so me and my DH just waited till she comed home again and this evening we are going to watch television together 'cos it has started to get windy and it is raining and not really weather for a puss to be outside in ther night.

It is not a very pleasant evening at all so I shall be staying in until my little trip outside just before bedtime. And, I don't think I shall be out very long!

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