Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Finally! The painting is finally all finished for ever and ever! Am I happy? No, I am delirious! I thought I was safe today when my DH went away to the Cat Shop, but then the old dear appeared with the paint pots, roller and brushes and I knew she was going to do more painting. Boo.

We did manage a quick chat on my couch before she started and she told me she wouldn't be long, but that was a fib 'cos it took her AGES! I had a play outside, and then a sleep and another play before she put all the paint things away again so there wasn't an awful lot of time for me until my DH comed home again.

It is much better tonight 'cos we are sitting on my couch and I am being cuddled and my adorable little lugs are getting scratched and I like that. AND my humans have promised that all the painting is finished so that is the bestest news I have heard for a long time.

I got a surprise last night when my MH asked me if I wanted to go outside while she tooked some pictures of the beautiful sunset. It was nearly nine o'clock in the night time and the sky was beautiful so she has put some pictures of it on here so that you can see it too.

I had a run round my garden and up the clothes poles and I had a really good time so I am hoping there will be another lovely sunset tonight.

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