Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fun Day

I have spent my day wandering about my garden and the fields having a chat to the sheeps and the baby cows and I have loved every single second of it. Plus I got a big surprise one of the times I went back indoors 'cos my MH was changing the duvet covers and that meant playtime for us. Yippee!

Because she was away out yesterday, she had lots of housework to do, but because the weather was so good on my little island I didn't mind as I was able to get out to play and not hear the awful vacuum cleaner, but when I nipped in the window to see how my humans were getting on, I noticed it was changing beds time and I had great fun playing in the covers and getting tickled every time my MH lifted me off. BUT! It is not just for fun that I do theses things. Oh no, no, no. Just think of the exercise I get when I jump back onto the bed after the old dear has lifted me off. It makes my adorable little legs all strong. See? I do like to keep myself in very good shape.

It didn't take my MH too long to do all her work and then we had a seat on my couch together and I lay on her knee and purred as she stroked my little lugs and told me she loved me.

So, my day so far has been a very good one. I am very happy just wandering about seeing what is happening on my island and then nipping inside whenever I need pampering. Brilliant.

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