Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday Again

Wow. How quickly my week has gone! It seems just like minutes since it was last Monday. My MH told me that is a sign that I am getting old. Oh dear, I thought I was still a kitten, but I guess I am getting a wee bit older.

Anyway. It is Monday again and since my humans are creatures of habit, the day was much the same as every other Monday with my DH nipping off to the Cat Shop and my MH running round my house with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters. And me? Well, my days are not just as organised as theirs are. Once I have had my breakfast and my little drop of milk from my MH's cereal I see what the weather is doing and then I decide what to do. See?

So, after I had my breakfast and my milk, I nipped up onto my window sill and saw that the weather on my little island was still good, so I purred a 'cheerio' to the old dear and then I nipped out into the big wide world to see what was happening this Monday, and I liked what I found.

There are cows in the field in front of my house and sheeps at the back, so there was plenty of company for me whenever I wanted, and I knew that if I was needing a cuddle, I could always find the old dear and she would have one waiting for me. So I knew my day was going to be a good one. I wandered through the fields just having a wee sniff at lots of interesting things and it was while I was in mid-sniff I saw my MH taking her washing out to hang it up and I raced across the field to meet her and it made her smile when I took one of my very special leaps through the fence and landed with a 'plop' in my garden. I raced towards her and then ran up the clothes pole while she stood and watched me and then I jumped down beside her and purred as she stroked me.

And that is how my day went. In and out and in and out, but I had a great time and I was outside when my DH comed home so I ran to meet him too and that made him happy. I do like it when I can make them smile.

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