Friday, 9 September 2016


It should really be two 'yippees' tonight---one because it is Friday and you all know that means string fun for this adorable little puss, but the biggest yippee is because finally, and at long last, the painting is all finished! Oh, I am beside myself with joy. I was having a snooze on my couch and just happened to wake up in time to see my DH carrying all the painting stuff out to the shed and I kid you not my dear friends, if I could have done a cartwheel I would have done one right there and then! Note to self, learn how to cartwheel.

My house isn't quite back to normal yet 'cos all the things have got to be put back in their right place but that won't take too long and it is something that I can help with. I don't need to stay away in case I get painted on so I will have lots of company from now on. Tomorrow I shall show you some pictures of my new painted rooms and I am sure you will like them.

My DH did make it up to me at lunch time when he played with me for a long time with the string off the box of messages and that made me very happy. I love playing with my humans or even just sitting with them, and I do get a bit fed up when they are too busy to spend lots of time with me, so today has been much better and now that all their hard work is finished, there will be lots more time for me.

So, another great big 'YIPPEE'!!

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