Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Brilliant Day

I don't know what my little weather man friend is doing, but he is sending me brilliant weather and I am loving every single second of it. It is a wee bit cool, but it is dry and sunny and there is no wind. In fact, it is almost perfect Squeak weather.

As soon as we get up my MH opens the window and that means I can do as I please for the rest of the day and that makes me feel very happy. I love being outside and I must admit it is lovely to be able to jump off the window sill without wondering where I will land! I am perfectly content just wandering around my garden and all the fields and I love it when my humans come outside too, and with the weather being good, they come outside lots. Can you tell I am happy?

I played for a while and then lay on my path and watched as the birdies came to the feeder for their dinner and then my DH came outside to anchor down a new dustbin. We had one last year, but the wind tooked it away one day and now somebody else has it! Luckily, it was empty so they didn't get our rubbish but the old boy bought a new one and if this one flies away, my house will go with it! I had great fun watching him and he kept telling me what he was doing so that was good.

I was just getting ready to go inside when my MH came out to wash our windows so I stayed out with her and again, she talked to me all the time and then we both went inside for a seat on my couch before I had another wander round the fields before dinner time.

I am resting now because I have every intention of going out again before bedtime and I may stay out late as my MH has told me she can leave the window open for me again.

So, my little weather man friend, please keep doing whatever it is you are doing 'cos I am having a magic time! Thank you.

PS I am back! My MH fixed the little bug on her computer that wouldn't show you my picture. What a clever MH!

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