Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Decision

Well, I was thinking and thinking all about this hibernation idea all last night and then my MH did something which made up my mind for me. She had an early shower, and 'cos she was a wee bit cold, she put on her big hairy dressing gown!! Oh, I had forgotten all about that one, but as soon as I saw it, I was on her knee like a flash and I stayed there all night and decided that if I hibernated, then I would miss all these cosy nights so I have decided against it.

I have had a very good day in my house with my MH and because the weather has been much nicer, I have been outside quite a lot. I am to be left on my own tonight 'cos there is a quiz in the Hall and then the little children's that come here every Wednesday are going to give a little guitar concert, so my house will be very quiet and my little lugs will get peace!

I think the window will have to be closed 'cos it is a bit cool, but I shall just have a snooze till they come home again and then I hope my MH will put on her dressing gown and I can sit on her knee while she tells me all about it.


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