Sunday, 2 October 2016

And Again

Oh I think my little weather man friend must like me lots and lots 'cos he has sended me more lovely weather so that me and my humans have been able to get outside all day.

We had our usual lazy morning just sitting on my couch and having a chat about what we might---or might not --do with our Sunday. I had already been outside, so to be perfectly honest, I was very happy sitting on my MH's knee and just chilling!

My DH went outside for a wander round our estate and when he comed in he told my MH that in a wee while he was going to paint her gym and did she want to help him? She told him she had a couple of things to do, but then she would go and do some painting and then they both looked at me and I told them I was DEFINITELY going out with them. Yahoo!

Soon, it was a wee while later and we all went out and while the humans were busy with the paint and the brushes I ran all over my garden chasing bit of pampas grass and nipping in and out through the fence to have a word with all my animal friends. h, it was just the best afternoon for a long, long time and I loved it.

The painting didn't take too long and it is all finished and we are all very happy with it. And me? I am resting now 'cos I was out until half past one in this morning, so I need a rest now before I head out again later on.

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