Monday, 3 October 2016

Another Week

I wasn't just as happy today 'cos it was windy and cold, but it didn't keep me in. I just wasn't as warm while I was exploring and hunting, but I just kept moving quickly so that my adorable little body didn't get too cold.

I had a very good sleep through the night and me and my MH had one of our very special 'through the night' chats, or whispers, and I love those. I wakened up and it was very, very dark so I knew it was the middle of the night but I needed a wee cuddle so I tickled her lug with my little paw and she wakened up and cuddled me and we whispered for a wee while before we falled asleep again. But it was good. I like those special times.

Anyway, when we got up a while later, we helped my DH get ready to go to the Cat Shop and then me and my MH had a chat about what we were going to do. She told me she was going to do some housework and I told her that I would be going outside to explore and hunt until she was finished and that was fine. The weather looked not too bad but once I got out I realised it was a bit windy and it was cold, so I quickly found a sheltered spot and had a seat for a while as I watched lots of little birdies coming to the feeder at my house.

I like watching them when they are eating, but some naughty birdies fight with their friends and that makes me a bit sad. I wish I could tell them not to do that but if I go near them, they just fly away, so there is nothing I can do. Sigh! And that was my day really. In and out lots of times, although me and my MH did go into the gym for a while 'cos she wanted to clean all the inside of it after they had painted the outside, so naturally I had to go with her and make sure she didn't get lonely.

We stayed there for quite a while but she was happy with how it looked when we were finished, so it was back inside and a seat on the couch till my DH comed home again. It was a good day and I will probably be going back outside for a while before bed time.

It is getting dark earlier now but that doesn't bother me 'cos I have very good eyesight and can see very well in the dark, but I don't know how long I will be out.It will depend on the weather but I have a feeling I won't be staying out very late. We will see.

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