Saturday, 29 October 2016

Bah Humbug!

Can you say 'bah humbug' for Halloween, I wonder? But being a pussy cat, I can say anything I like.

I was having a very good day and because it was Saturday we were all at home together. Somebody phoned my house very early in this morning, so after my MH had answered the phone, she gave me something to eat and then decided it was still too early to get up, so we snuggled up for another sleep together until it was the proper time to get up.

Me and the old dear watched her television programme. You know the one where the lady solves all the murders that the police haven't a clue about? Somebody says something to her every week and she says 'Of course. NOW I know who the killer is' and me and the old dear have a wee chuckle, but my MH loves that programme and I get to sit on her knee while it is on, so I ain't complaining!

I was in and out a few times and generally having good fun until I saw my DH disappear into our loft and then come back again with all the Halloween stuff and I knew I wasn't going to be watching Strictly tonight. Boo!

There is a party in the Hall and my MH plays all the games with the little childrens but pusscats aren't allowed so I shall have to be very patient until they come back to me again and then I get lots of attention while they tell me all about it.

And of course I shall give you all the news tomorrow.OK?

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  1. I hope the folks all have fun at the party. I now have my new kitten, but he is very nervous. His name is Aslan and he is very handsome.