Sunday, 16 October 2016


Not my bestest Sunday, I am afraid, but since it is a special day in my house, I am trying not to be too annoyed. As I told you yesterday, today is my DH's birthday and the old dear tooked him over to Stromness for his lunch, so yours truly was left all alone. However, the weather was quite good while they were away, so my MH left the window open for me and I was able to play a bit but I confess that I spent most of the time sleeping till they comed home to me again.

I did get lots of cuddles when they did come back so that cheered me up, but then my MH tooked me on her knee and told me a brilliant story which made me very happy. When they were in the hotel for their lunch, the lady who looked after me when I was a brand new puss came in and she asked how I was getting on. My humans told her all about me and she told them that she nearly keeped me 'cos she loved me loads, but she decided to let me come to my little island and my new humans. I know I would have been very happy with her 'cos she loves puss cats too, but I am very happy in my forever home and I know my humans love me millions and that they are very glad that she let me come here to be with them.

Sure that is a brilliant story? It made me purr lots when my MH told me and it nearly made up for being left on my own----nearly!!

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