Monday, 24 October 2016

More Good Day

I am having great fun just now. I do not know what my little weather man friend has done with my weather, but it has been really good. It is cool and there was a wee drop of rain this afternoon but apart from that it has been good Squeak weather and I am liking it lots.

My Monday started on my MH's knee till I got my milk and then I was off into the outside to see what was happening and I stayed out so long that I didn't get to say 'cheerio' to my DH before he went to the Cat Shop, but he was OK. My MH did her housework and I just kept wandering and doing what I wanted to do so it was a good day.

I was on my own in the afternoon 'cos my MH had to go to our Hall to help put up the decorations for the Halloween party on Saturday, but as soon as she came home I told her I wanted to play and we had brilliant fun together and we played till my DH came home again.

It is still quite good weather so I will have a wee play outside before bedtime although it is getting much colder now, so I don't stay out too long and as soon as I have had a wee feed, I nip in beside my MH and we have a good sleep.

Oh, happy Squeak.

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