Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Sunday

I had a long sleep this morning 'cos my humans weren't up early and we all had a lazy breakfast. Me and my MH had ours first while she was watching Jessica again. I was nipping in and out and listening for her to finish her cereal so that I could get my drink of milk. It was another good day and I was enjoying being outside. It was warm and calm and perfect Squeak weather really so I was a happy puss.

I got a wee surprise last night. My humans were watching television and I had been sleeping, but when I wakened up I was a bit bored and just went and sat in a corner of my living room wondering what I could do. My MH noticed I looked a wee bit sad and she asked me if I wanted to play. Well! Do cats have whiskers? Of course I wanted to play. I may be nearly seven years old, but I still love playing with my humans and that's just what we did. I picked out a toy and my MH played for a long time with me while my DH watched us and smiled. I was very happy I can tell you and my MH liked it too.

Today has been very fine and my friend S. came to see me and my MH. I know it is really me she comes to see, but we don't tell the old dear that. We don't want to hurt her feelings, sure we don't? I like when S. lifts me up and cuddles me and she still calls me her 'ickle wickle' and I still have no idea what it means.... but I like it anyway.

It is resting time now but I shall be watching 'Strictly' with my MH before I go out to play again and then that will be the end of my Sunday and we will get ready for a new week. I hope we all have a very good one.

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