Thursday, 13 October 2016


You will have worked out that the weather wasn't good today. In fact, we had rain. Boo. At least the rain didn't start until later in the afternoon, so I was able to get out to play and to hunt for a few times without getting wet.

It was just a normal day in my house with my MH doing some housework and my DH doing bits of work outside,so he was there for me whenever I needed a cuddle and didn't want to risk getting sooked up by the vacuum! That was just a wee joke 'cos I know my MH would never do anything like that, but just in case, I lie up on the back of my couch and just watch her. I know I am safe there!

I got a big surprise this afternoon when my MH decided she was tired and needed a wee lie down. She asked me if I wanted to snuggle in beside her and we had a lovely snooze together. I liked it lots and she felt better after it, so we had a very good afternoon.

It was after this that the rain came on so I had to have a very quick trip outside. I ran very quickly into the big shed where I was able to lie in the dry and watch what was happening outside, and then it was only a quick run across the grass and I was back inside my house.

I will go outside later but I am hoping that it won't be too wet for me.

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