Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sleepy Saturday

I have had a lazy day but a happy day. All the work is finished in my house. Well, that's what I have been told but then every now and then the humans decide that something else needs to be done, but I have been promised lots of peace and quiet for a while.

We were all needing a rest today and as it was quite wet, I was inside for a long time but I got a surprise when my friend S. came to see me and we had good fun together. My MH went down to the Hall to do some craft things with her friends and me and my DH just sat together and watched the football until she comed home to us.

I nipped out for a while but managed to get my adorable little self caught in the rain and by the time I got home, I was soaking wet and my MH had to get a towel and make me dry again. I like getting dried 'cos it means I get lots of cuddles.

I got another surprise when my friend B. sended me a message to say that she was getting a new baby boy kitten and I am hoping he can be a member of my paw pal club and I will be able to give him lots of tips at how to be a good puss.

Oh, that did make me excited and my MH was happy for me. I lay on her knee for a while and just thought about this new baby puss until I falled asleep. Happy Squeak.

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