Friday, 11 November 2016

A Good Friday

I have had a very good day mainly because both my humans have been with me today for the en-tire day, but you will never guess what I did! I forgot it was Friday and I went for a big sleep while my MH was doing some of the work that she didn't do yesterday and I forgot it was messages day so I didn't get up in time to play with the string! DOH! Silly Squeak.

Really it was my MH's fault 'cos she muddled me up doing housework on a Friday, but I think she knowed that, 'cos when I finally did get up, she played with me for a while so that was OK. I don't know why I was so sleepy 'cos me and my MH had a very good sleep last night. The poor old dear was tired, so I just snuggled in beside her and didn't disturb her through the night time and she appreciated that. I know this 'cos she told me she loved me millions, so there.

It has been quite a good day but my little weather man friend told me it is going to get windy through the night so I think I had better go out to play early before the wind comes. My poor DH was all disappointed 'cos he was going to go over to Stromness tonight to have some beer while he watched the football, but because the weather might be bad, the boat was cancelled. Shame. I am sure I saw a wee tear in his little eye, but he can watch it here with me and he won't get blowed about.

Sure that is a much better idea? I think so but I don't know if he really agrees with me. Shame!

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