Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Very Quiet Day

I was a bit disappointed this morning 'cos there was no snow in my garden. Sigh. It was just wet and a lot windy so we all stayed indoors for most of the day. I did manage out a few times but I had to decide first whether to go out of the door or out of the window and that tooked me a long time much to my MH's frustration 'cos she had to keep opening the window and the door for me so that I could make a big decision.

My humans sat up very late last night watching something on my television so they were a bit tired today and my MH even had to go for a little snooze in the afternoon and, being a very kind and considerate little puss, I went with her and snuggled up to make her nice and cosy. We both had a good sleep.

She told me she has to go to Kirkwall tomorrow and me and my DH have to be left all on our own for the whole day, so I am not very happy. In fact, I am thinking of trying my wind and rain dance again to keep her at home with me.

I shall have to have a think about that one, but I shall let you know.

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