Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Wee Secret

I was listening to my little weather man friend today and I got a wee bit excited 'cos he told me it might be snowing on my little island soon and I love the snow so you can understand if I am excited and impatient.

I haven't seen very much snow but a long time ago when I was a baby puss, there was some snow that lasted for a while and I liked out playing in it although my adorable little paws did get very cold. What I liked the very bestest was that my humans would take me out to play and I helped them shovel away all the snow from our path so I am hoping we all do that again. Watch this space. I will let you know as soon as it happens.

I was out very late last night and I am afraid I upset my DH 'cos he wanted to go to bed and I wouldn't come in. It was too wet and windy to leave the window open so he was a big bit annoyed at me but I am afraid I was busy waiting for a little mouse to come out of its hiding place so that I could play with it, but for some reason said little mouse stayed hiding and this little puss stayed out until my DH comed out and lifted me inside! Oh the shame of it. Still, the old boy was tired, so I can't really blame him. I didn't like it though. Hee hee

We have all had a good day and I haven't done very much. I did nip out this morning to see if I could find my little mouse, but he had gone away somewhere, so I shall have to look again tonight. It is very cold, so I think I will come home early because I am in danger of getting locked out one of these nights and that would never do would it?

I think I shall be a good puss tonight ..... unless.......!

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