Monday, 21 November 2016

Boy oh boy!

What a Sunday night! Me and my humans sat watching Andy on my television winning his tennis match and it was just brilliant and doubly brilliant 'cos my MH didn't need to chew on my adorable little claws. Hee hee. Now, I know you will be wondering why she needs MY claws. Well it is because she has no nails of her own left having watched all his other matches. See? Don't worry, that's just my little joke! But it was a brilliant match and we are all very happy for Andy.

It was nearly a normal Monday when my DH got all ready to go to the Cat Shop but then felt a wee bit not too well so he just went back to bed but he is feeling better now. I helped my MH do all her housework and we both went outside for a while and I liked that lots.

It was quite a good day on my little island so I was able to get out to play lots of times and although I got cold and my adorable little feets got wet on the grass, I still liked it and I will be heading out again after I have had my after dinner snooze.


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