Thursday, 3 November 2016

I think...

..... I will have to ask my MH to get me a wee raincoat 'cos I am getting a tad fed-up getting soaking wet every time I go out. I think I might look rather fetching in a multi colored little mac and it would also mean that my humans would be able to find me in the dark. A plan, or what?

I have been out a lot of times today and sometimes I managed to get back home before the rain catched me, but another time I was absolutely ringing and my MH needed a ginormous towel to make me dry again. The only problem with a little coat is that if I am not wet when I go home, I wouldn't get cuddled dry again. Hmm. More thought needed, methinks.

I was out very late last night and I enjoyed myself. My DH was tired 'cos he had been at the Shop and so when he went to bed, he just left the window open for me, but my MH stayed wakened until I came home and she gave me a wee biscuit and shut the window before we snuggled down for a good sleep.

I haven't done very much today but I have helped my humans and have had a few little naps in between getting wet, but I have had a good day. I am getting into winter mode now which means that I am more of an indoor cat than in the summer, but there is always a human to help me not get fed up or bored.

And that's all I need.

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