Thursday, 10 November 2016

I'm Just a Lonely Puss...

...well, I wasn't really THAT lonely 'cos my DH was here with me but my MH was away from early till late and I missed her.

We had a very good sleep last night and we were both quite tired but the poor old dear was up at half past seven o'clock in this morning 'cos she had to go to Kirkwall and she didn't come home till half past six in the tonight so it was a long day for her and a long day for me without her, but I got lots of cuddles when she comed home again.

So. You will have worked out that I don't have any news for you except that I have had a very good day. The weather has been lovely and I have had great fun being outside all day.My DH told the old dear that he had hardly seen me 'cos I had been outside so much but now I am inside and sitting on my MH's knee while she is writing this for you.

I will have lots more news for you tomorrow 'cos both my humans will be at home with me. Yippee!

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