Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Millions Better

That's what my today has been. Both my humans at home with me and no housework. Just a purr-fect Squeak day really hee hee.

My DH is feeling a lot better now but decided to stay home with me and my MH rather that go out in all the cold to the Cat Shop so we have all had a very lazy day and it has been very good. I have had lots of little trips outside and have managed to work it out that if I don't stay out too long, then I don't get too cold. Brilliant, eh?

I got a big surprise when my friend S. comed to see me this afternoon and I got a great big cuddle from her and that made me very happy. I purred very loudly to her and that made her happy, so job done, really!

It is very cold on my little island so I have been indoors more times than I have been out and I made my MH laugh when I did my funny run which means I am needing to play and she always plays with me. She wraps me up in my blanket and then tickles me and I just love that, but today I asked her to play with some of my toys and that's just what she did.

And we had magic fun which I loved and I will tell you a wee secret. I am going to ask her again tomorrow. What do you think she will say? YES!!!!! You know she will.

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