Sunday, 13 November 2016

Oh Dear...

...I am afraid I have been a tad naughty today and I came very close to making my MH a wee bit angry with me which has never happened before and I think I had better be careful that it doesn't happen again.

It wasn't the bestest day for weather on my little island 'cos it kept raining so I went out a few times this morning when it wasn't too bad. My MH went away out for a while to see my friend S. and that's when it got very much wetter and it was then that I wanted to go out so I asked my DH and of course he opened the door but as soon as I felt the raindrops on my adorable little body, I was back on my couch before he could get the door shut! Now, if I tell you that this happened about three or four times you might begin to understand why I was in trouble.

So, when the old dear comed home to me, my DH told her what I had been doing and while he was doing that, yours truly headed to the door again and this time my MH opened it. And guess what? Yep. I did the same thing again---three times!! Well, it was wet!

I decided it would be safer to go out when I heard her telling my DH that if I asked again and didn't go, she would put me out. Now, can you imagine the indignity of that? What if some of my little friends saw me being thrown out of my house? I could never hold my head up again. So, I asked. The door was opened and I walked out with my head held high!

Problem solved!

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