Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday Again

We all like Saturdays in my house 'cos it is a good lazy day and my humans don't do very much at all so that means there is lots of time for me which makes me very happy as you can imagine. Our day started off as usual with the old dear on the couch helping Jessica solve her murders, and me sitting on my MH's knee being a very contented little puss. So a very good start to my day.

Later on I helped my DH watch some football and some rugby on my television while my MH was out for a while and when she comed home I got a great big cuddle which I just loved. I went outside for a while and sat at my honeysuckle bush to see if my little mouse friend would come out to play, but it didn't which is a great shame 'cos I could make that little mouse very happy. Maybe tomorrow?

I leapt up on to my window sill and my MH let me in but when she feeled my adorable little paws she was worried that I was too cold 'cos said little feets were really, really cold, but they were soon warmed up by my MH and I was very fine again.

I am liking being out in the dark nights and I don't mind being cold 'cos I know I will be nice and cosy again as soon as I go home. So I can't complain at all. Can I?

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