Tuesday, 29 November 2016

So Cold

I think I will need to get little boots. My adorable little feets are getting so cold every time I go out, so I think I shall purr nicely to the old dear and she if she can make me some special boots to keep me warm.

You will have gathered that it is cold on my little island. There was some hail today and where was yours truly? Yep. Outside in my garden and too far away to reach the window without getting soaked.Fortunately, I have found a couple of wee places where I can shelter and I managed to reach one of them and couried up until the shower passed and then I scooted home as fast as possible and got a great big cuddle to warm me up again.I liked that.

I have been in and out lots of times all through today but just for little trips at a time as it is really cold but I still like being outside and having a wander through the fields. I am a hardy little puss and I am beginning to wonder if maybe the little birdies might giggle if they saw me in boots.

Hm. I think I might give this idea some more thinking as I am lying on my couch beside my MH. After all, I am a growed up puss now and I need to show the world that I am brave and fearless and I think probably boot-less! Hee hee

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