Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Bit Better

I did get out to play for a while before bedtime last night, but my adorable little lugs were working overtime listening for any sounds which might mean that the naughty puss was back in my garden, but I didn't hear or see anything so I was quite happy.

I have had a very good day which started off with me helping my MH change the beds again.Oh I love doing that. I get lots of cuddles and lots of lifts 'cos when she moves me to make the bed, I jump back again to where I shouldn't be and she has to do it all over again and we do that lots of times and it is just brilliant fun.

The weather was still good today but a wee bit cool and every time my DH went outside, he came back in shivering and I had to cuddle him warm again and he liked that. We have all been quite quiet in my house although my MH wants the little childrens to come back tomorrow to do some Christmas songs, so I am now looking for pussy cat styled lug plugs! I will let you know how they all get on, but I think I shall be under my couch all the time. They are lovely childrens but oh boy, they are noisy and my house is normally nice and quiet.

It is good for a wee while---as long as it is just a wee while!!

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