Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A New Toy...

.... but not for me! No, it is for my MH and she has bought herself a new vacuum cleaner. I am not sure if I like it better or worser than the old one, but this one doesn't have a big long cable which sometimes would hit me if I was in the wrong place. This one is battery so that's one good thing. Right now, my dear friends, that is the ONLY good thing about it, but I shall give it a chance and then let you know if it can stay!

So, needless to say, the old dear was wandering around my house behind this new machine and then she did lots of other housework 'cos she says it has to be all clean for Christmas. I saw her giving me a good looking at, but there is no way she is getting near me with dusters and polishes and shampoos and stuff. No way at all! Hee hee

My DH is feeling a lot better now and he thinks he will be going to the Cat Shop tomorrow. Between you and me, I think he wants away for a wee bit of peace and quiet and right now I am thinking of suggesting that I might go with him. Eh? A plan or what?

I really haven't had a bad day at all. In fact, I have had quite a good day and as well as being out to play a lot of times, I also went exploring and mountaineering in our big cupboard and that was the bestest fun ever. My MH had been in the cupboard and I sneaked in behind her and sat on the step ladders where she could see me so that when she went away, she could leave the door open. Well, she was working at the sink and heard quite a big rattle and when she comed into the cupboard, yours truly was right at the very top--right up at the ceiling and the noise she had heard was me launching my adorable little self off the ladders and up on to the top shelf.Oh I was so high up I am sure I could have touched the moon, but it wasn't up yet. Maybe next time?

It was magic and I stayed there for a long long time and then I comed down again with such an ease and grace that made the old dear so proud of me as you can see from today's photographs.

I think I excelled myself!

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