Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Quiet Day

... Well, it would have been a quiet day if my DH had stopped sneezing! Oh dear, me and my MH did feel a wee bit sorry for him. He thought he would go to the Cat Shop, but 'cos he was coughing and sneezing when he woked up, he decided to stay home with me and the Boss. He is a lot better today but he has been told that if his cold doesn't clear up soon, he has to speak to the doctor and you won't get any prizes for guessing who told him that!

I had a very good day although I was a tad lazy but very happy. It was a quiet day in my house as I have said although my MH did take her new vacuum out for a wee play in my utility room so I just parked my adorable little bum up on the worktop and watched her and she talked to me lots and lots which was just brilliant.

She did go away out in the evening 'cos she was practicing with the little childrens in the Hall instead of in my house, so my little lugs did get a rest but she was a wee bit tired when she comed back to me so I had to give her a big cuddle to make her feel all better.

So, we have all had a good day and as it is now night time, my DH has stopped sneezing and he says he thinks he is finally getting better. Yippee I will take my lug-plugs out soon! Hee hee

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