Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Very Quiet Day

Because my DH went away to Stromness to do some shopping today, it was just me and the Boss at home and we have had a very quiet day. The weather wasn't too bad although still a wee bit blowy and a bigger bit cold, but did it keep me in? No, indeed it did not. I was in and out of my window lots of times. In fact, at one point my MH said I was like a yo yo. I hope that is good but I don't know what a yo yo is. I will need to ask Mr. Google!

My MH did little bits of housework but she played with me every time I asked and at one point we were both outside making our windows a wee bit cleaner 'cos the naughty storms had covered them all with dirt off my garden and salt and we couldn't see what everybody was doing and that does upset the old dear! Hee hee It was great fun and I learned a very valuable lesson and that was where to stand when there is water and a wind! You see, she didn't wash them like normal 'cos my little weather man friend told me that there would be rain and maybe some more wind and I of course passed this on to the chief window-washer who was very grateful for the information. So, she just tooked my DH's big garden hose and scooted all the water onto the windows and it was great fun---as long as I was on the right side of the wind and didn't get wet!

When we went inside again, I asked her to play with me on top of my bed and it was just brilliant when she wrapped me up in my blanket and tickled my adorable little tummy and I loved it. I heard them talking about New Year resolutions and I am now going to have a little think and draw up a list......

......For them!!!! Watch this space.

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