Sunday, 18 December 2016

And a good Sunday

..but we haven't done very much at all. My humans decided that they would have a day off today and that they would take it very easy and save all their energy for looking after me. Not that I take much looking after, you understand, but there are times when I like all their attention and it was there for me today whenever I asked for it.

It has been quite a good day so I have been out lots of times. I went into the field today and saw lots of big goose type birdies, but when I went to try and have a wee word with them, they flied away. Boy, what a wind they made! They are big birdies, sure they are?

We didn't get any visitors but maybe my friends will come to see me tomorrow. My DH is hoping to be back at the Cat Shop so I will help my MH do all her work---or I might just go out to play.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but it will depend on the weather too. I will tell you once I have done it.

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