Thursday, 29 December 2016

Another Good Day

I am a much happier little puss just now 'cos the weather is being kinder to me and that means that I can go outside whenever I want, although it is a wee bit lonely when I do go out 'cos all the animals are either inside or away in another field, so I am a wee bit sad when I go out.

I am never sad when I come back in though 'cos I always get played with. I made my MH laugh today 'cos I needed to play and every time she looked at me, I did one of my funny runs into my bedroom and she knew that I wanted to play and of course, that's just what she did! We had very good fun--lots of times and I liked that and so did my MH.

There's nothing very interesting happening in my little life just now although my little weather man friend told me that the days are starting to get longer and I liked that 'cos it means that I will have longer to play outside and that can only be good.

Sure it can?

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