Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Funday

I have had another very good day. In case you are worried, I didn't go tree climbing last night. I did give it some serious thought, but then I decided it might not be the wisest thing I have ever done, so I just went to bed beside my MH and had a very good sleep instead.

When I got up I ran into the living room to make sure my tree was still there and of course it was, so I sat and watched it for a little while before I went outside. It was dry but cold so I didn't wander away too far and just managed back in time for my little drink of milk.

I am finding it a wee bit hard to get used to no string on a Friday but me and my humans always manage to find something else to do to keep me happy. I made my MH smile again today 'cos she decided to wash all the windows in my house and I decided she needed my help, but by the time we had got to the spare room, I was feeling a wee bit sleepy again and I did something that she found funny.

There is a big duvet on the bed and I just stuck my adorable little nose under it and then wriggled the rest of my adorable little self up onto the bed under the duvet and with a great big sigh, I settled down for my afternoon siesta, and it was just the bestest thing ever!

So, my Friday has been good and I hope you have had a good time too.

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