Thursday, 15 December 2016

Happy Birthday

It is my birthday today! I am seven whole years old and I have had a super day. When we wakened up, my MH singed happy birthday to me and gave me a great big cuddle. She told me that the whole day would be just for me and although she had some work to do, she still made sure that she had lots and lots of time to play with me or to give me a cuddle whenever I wanted one.

I went outside lots of times and I told all my birdie and animal friends that I was seven now and they were very happy for me. My friend J. sended me a card on my MH's computer and I sat on her knee and watched it and it made me very happy and then my MH showed me a card that my friends P.and H. sended me all the way from Germany! Wow--just for me. I know I am adorable, but it is so lovely when my friends tell me they love me lots and I love them all back again.

I am now having a birthday snooze and dreaming of all the things I can do now that I am seven, but I wonder if it will be much different to when I was six? I will let you know!

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  1. Happy, happy Birthday to you Squeak. Wow, 7 years old. Aslan and I hope that you had an absolutely purrrrrrrrrfect day.