Monday, 19 December 2016

Oh Dear...

...I was lying on my couch just having a wee dream when my little weatherman friend came on the news and told me that there is going to be a great big wind storm on my little island all this week starting tomorrow and me and my humans are not happy at all.

My DH went to the Cat Shop today and then he had to do some shopping in case he doesn't get off the island again, but that's not really what is worrying me. What if Santa can't get to my little island with the presents for me and all the little childrens? That would be very sad indeed, sure it would? Maybe the wind won't be as bad and Santa will come on his sleigh with all his presents and that would be lovely. I have my little paws crossed.

I got a big surprise this morning when the postman came with a parcel. It was addressed to my MH but when she opened it up, it was a beautiful cat blanket all for me! It was beautiful. I asked the old dear to take a picture of it for you, but I can't show you how soft it is. Oh, it is sooo lovely and cuddly on my adorable little tummy and I love it. It was from my friend J. so I need to send her a great big thank you. It made me a very happy puss, so thank you J.

I was in and out lots of times today and I played with my MH on top of my bed, then I hided under the blanket and she didn't know where I was. Well, she didn't until my silly wagger gave the game away again. Sigh!

It still hasn't learned to be still when I am hiding. Oh deary me!


  1. What a beautiful blanket. Please don't blow away in the big wind. Have your MH tie a string around your middle to keep you grounded.

  2. Oh Bonnie that did make me chuckle. Me with a big bit of string round my adorable little tummy and my MH at the other end.I have decided that if the wind gets too naughty, I shall just put my adorable little self on top of my new blanket and snooze till the weather gets better. A good plan, eh? YES!