Monday, 16 January 2017

A Funny Old Day

We were all up before the sun this morning and it was so very, very dark but both my humans had to go away on the first boat and so we all had to get up very early. I took the chance to have a wee wander round my garden in the dark time and it wasn't very cold so I liked it although it was a bit lonely 'cos nobody else was out playing, so I just went back home again.

The window had to be closed so I had nothing else to do but have a snooze till my humans comed back again. They weren't away too long and I was just in the middle of my dream when I heard the door opening and there they were. Back again---oh goody!

We all had lots of good play times in the afternoon and I liked that. I am OK on my own but I am a much happier Squeak when they are here with me so my afternoon was much better than my morning.

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