Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Lazy Day

We all had a lazy time today and my humans just did little bits of work which suited me fine. I didn't even see the vacuum cleaner. Yippee! Did I tell you that the old dear had bought a new vacuum? Well, she did, and if I didn't like the other one, I don't like this one even more. It has got a light on it so it can find me wherever I am. Boo! Anyway, I made it very plain that I was not best pleased with this new addition to my house, and my MH keeps it away from me, so it's not too bad.

However, it stayed in the utility room and there were lots of cuddles for me and a few trips outside. In fact, I nearly tired my poor old MH out before she was even finished her breakfast 'cos I kept nipping in and out of the window lots and lots of times and 'cos it was cold, she had to close the window every time I went out and then get up and open it again to let me in. But I needed to see what was happening in my little world, and really she understands.

You will notice that there are a couple of new pictures of yours truly today, but sadly her new computer still hasn't come. She is just using an other one 'cos she knew you needed to see some new pictures of me, so here they are. And there is one of the big gooses that were in the field, but they were a bit too big for me, so I just watched them from a distance! Hee hee

I hope you like them.

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