Sunday, 15 January 2017

Good Morning

Hello everybody. I hope you are all very well this morning. We are all good in my house and my MH is using my DH's computer until she can get another one, so she can still tell you all about me. I am a very well little Squeak although a bit disappointed that all the snow has disappeared again. When my two friends were going away from my house last night, it was raining so we all knew that there wouldn't be any snow today which is a shame.

I had the bestest of fun yesterday and I didn't even mind when my adorable little feets got all froze 'cos I knew that as soon as I went home again, they would be as warm as toast. And they were!

I don't have a lot of news for you today 'cos it is still quite early and I have only been out to play one time already but me and the old dear wanted to let you see the pictures she tooked yesterday of all the snow. It's not an awful lot, but it was quite a lot for my little island so I am happy. The pictures of the Hoy Hlls are 'specially for my friend B. who lives in Canada 'cos she says she likes to see them. Some of my human friends have been right up to the top of them, but not me and not my humans, and I think it is maybe a wee bit late now for them, but my friends A. and J. have been right up to the top and they waved down to us all, but I don't know if we saw them. We just pretended we did.

So, that's all my news for today but me and my MH are very happy that we can keep writing to you till she gets a computer of her own again. Sometimes I am very happy I am a pussycat!

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