Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm a Star!

Look at me. I am on the telly! Hee hee. But it isn't real which is a great shame 'cos I think I could be a wonderful pussy cat actor and star. Maybe one day.

So, why am I sitting on this television? Well, it is like this. This was the television that my humans watched when they were working in our study and didn't want to miss their programmes, but last week it started doing very funny things so my humans decided it was broken and they had to get another one. See?

Well, the new one came to my house on Saturday and while my DH was busy fixing it all up he put this one on the bed in my spare room and I parked my adorable little bum on it just to see what it felt like and that made my humans laugh so they thought you might like to see my picture. I think I look particularly fetching, don't you?

I have had a very good day just doing all the little things that I love doing like playing and eating and sleeping so I have had another very good day.

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