Sunday, 22 January 2017

More Brilliant

When I waken up every morning, I look to see if it is light outside 'cos that's the only way I know if it might be up time and if it is then I listen very carefully for wind and rain and anything else that might be happening outside. If it isn't very nice, then I snuggle down and have a snooze till my MH wakens, but if I think it is a good morning then I gently persuade her to waken up. Now, sometimes my persuading works right away but sometimes it takes some acrobatics on my part to get her to open her eyes! It always works though and then up she gets to help me start my day.

Normally I get my breakfast and wee drink of milk from my MH's cereal and then I am off out of the window, and that's exactly what I did today and it was lovely. The weather was cool but bright and calm and I spent nearly all day in my garden.

My DH was outside lots too 'cos he is cleaning out our greenhouse now that the gym is all tidy so I helped him with that, and of course, the Boss had to have a look and she was happy and that is always good. She has not been very happy lately 'cos somethings have not been going very well for her. First of all, the little television that they use in the study broke, then her laptop broke and last week her treadmill broke too and can't be fixed so she has to get a new one. Oh dear. All the broked things made her annoyed, but when she buys new ones, that will make her happy again.

And her new laptop should be coming to my house this week some time, so you will finally get some new pictures of my adorable little self! And not before time! Hee hee

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