Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Sunday

I have had a very good day. We all had a lazy morning so we didn't get up too early. It was a funny morning 'cos one minute it was bright and a wee bit sunny and then the mist rolled in and we couldn't see anything till it rolled away again and the sun came back! It did that a few times and me and my MH sat and watched it through our living room window.

I did manage to get outside quite a lot of times and it was at one of these times I made the old dear smile 'cos I had nipped out of the window but a few minutes later I jumped back in through said window and raced across my living room and into my kitchen for a wee nibble at my biscuits before doing the same thing again in reverse and at the speed of light. Ah, well----I didn't run in reverse, you understand, I just did it all the other way round. See? Oh, my dear friends, can you imagine how funny I would have looked running backwards and then jumping up on to the window sill? I think my MH would have been lying on the floor laughing if I had done that. Hee hee

I played outside lots of times and then had my afternoon siesta until I got a big surprise when two of my friends came to visit me. Oh I was so excited 'cos they stroked me lots of times and talked to me and I even got a cuddle from my bestest friend S.

So I have had a very good afternoon and I hope you have had a fine time too.

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