Monday, 2 January 2017

Nearly Back to Normal

I have had a good couple of days in my house as my humans haven't been doing very much and all their attention has been on me, which I just love. I have even made it their new year resolution and they are very grateful for my help! My MH gave me the idea when she told my DH that his new year resolution is that he is going to be much tidier! I don't think there is much hope of a lot of success with that one!

The weather isn't great so I have been indoors most of the time but I am very content. AND! I got a great big surprise today when my friends P. and H. from Germany sent me an email from my very latest paw pal 'cos they have a new puss cat and my new friend is very beautiful so I am looking forward to lots of puss cat emails.

My DH isn't going to the Cat Shop for a wee while yet, so both my humans have said that they are going to take things very easy for the next few days and that I can be the Boss and they will make sure that I get all the attention I want.

So I can't ask for much more than that now, can I?

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