Friday, 13 January 2017

No Snow

All the snow went away 'cos the rain comed on and made it all disappear so my MH couldn't take any pictures of the Hoy Hills for you, but there will be other times I am sure. So, as well as being wet with all the rain today has been SOOO cold! I did go out two or three times but my adorable little body was so frozen that I had to come back very quickly and as soon as I landed on the inside window sill, I asked for a big warm-me-up cuddle to un-froze me, and of course I got one. Phew.

My DH got sent out too to make sure that our roof was still on 'cos there was a very naughty wind last night and if I tell you that it wakened HIM you will know how bad it was! My poor old MH was a wee bit frightened, but I gave her a cuddle and she was fine. And, we had no damage, but when my DH was out looking, I went with him and I made him laugh 'cos I was bouncing all over my grass. He told my MH that it was because I was so fit. Not so, DH. I was trying to keep my adorable little paws off the cold ground! Hee hee

In the afternoon when my MH had her Wii out, I got weighed again and my little Mii Wii was very pleased with me 'cos I have just put on one pound and my Wii said I was a very good puss, so me and my MH are very happy with that. I am as fit as a little fiddle---and adorable little fiddle!

I have had a very good day playing with my MH and watching as she did all her exercises on her Wii although I do admit that I was so interested I falled asleep! But don't tell the old dear,eh?

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