Friday, 27 January 2017

Very Happy

I wonder if I look any different to you now that I am on the new computer? I'm sure I will still be as adorable as ever, or maybe even a wee bit more adorabler? You will no doubt have gathered from that, that my MH is playing with her new lap top and she is quite happy with it, although there was a wee while this afternoon when it wouldn't do what she told it and that is never a good idea! Me and my DH know that!! Hee hee

Apart from that, we have all had a very good day. A lovely lazy day with not very much work and lots of cuddles for me. I have been out to play lots of times but it has been a bit too cold for me so I had a quick chat with some of the sheeps and then nipped home again for a long chat with my MH and a HUGE cuddle which I just loved.

There is lots for me to do in my house. You know I have lots of toys but my very favourite one is a little roly-poly ball which has little treats in it, and when I delicately thump it in the right direction, the little treats jump out and straight into my adorable little tummy! Oh, I just love it---millions!

So, everything in my house is just fine and I hope everything with you is just fine too.

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