Friday, 6 January 2017

Very Quiet

Things are very quiet in my house just now. In fact, things are very quiet on my little island but there are some sheeps in the field in front of my house so I have a wee bit of company when I do venture out.

My house has lost some of its sparkle since my humans tooked down all the nice shiny Christmas things but I shall just have to get used to it. Oh dear. I haven't done very much again today. I have just kind of lazed around with lots of sleeps and a few trips outside but it is too cold for me. Mind you, it is worth getting cold 'cos as soon as I nip in the window, my MH gives me a great big cuddle to warm me up and I just love that.

She went into the gym again today but I stayed at home and just waited till she comed back to me and then I asked her to play and she did! We went into my bedroom and I dived under my blanket and she wrapped me up in it and tickled me and it was just brilliant. It is one of my very favouritist games and she is always happy to play it with me.

So, although I am not doing very much I am still very happy and since my humans aren't doing very much either, they are always on hand to play with me, or just cuddle me, whenever I want. So I can't complain at all now, can I?

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