Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I know a wee bit more than I did last night 'cos I asked my MH what a blizzard was and she told me, so as soon as I wakened up this morning, I bounded over to the window to see if a blizzard had comed to my little island, but I am afraid I was a tad disappointed 'cos there was only a half a blizzard. We had all the wind, but no snow! Sigh. I waited all day, but we had rain and wind, and a wee bit of sun and wind and then we had hail and wind, but no snow. Maybe tomorrow. My little weather man friend told me it is definitely on its way and I have to be a patient puss, but I don't do patient very well, I'm afraid. Sigh number two.

My humans didn't do very much work today so there was lots of time for me which is just as I like it. I had lots of cuddles and lots of play times and I even girded my adorable little loins and went outside in the freezing cold winds. In fact, I think I went outside four times in this afternoon and I'm afraid I made my MH worried again because I sort of asked to go out at the wrong time.

When I asked to go out, it was dry but windy and while I was having a wee sniff round my garden it started to throw millions of hail stones on top of me! Great big sore hailstones all falling down on top of me and it was sore. I managed to find a wee bit of shelter and just sat there and shivered until all the nasty hailstones stopped falling on me and as soon as that happened, my MH opened the window and called my name and I scooted inside as quickly as my adorable little feets could take me. Phew!

You all know what happened then, don't you? Yep, I got a great big warm-me-up cuddle until I was all cosy and normal again and I liked that millions! It was worth getting hailed on! I might try it again before bedtime.

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  1. Oh Squeak, I am truly sorry about the hail stones.