Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Not Much News

It was just me and my MH today in my house 'cos my DH had to go to Stromness but we had good fun together. She had to do a wee bit of housework, but not too much and when she was changing the beds again I helped her lots 'cos you all know that is one of my favorite games. I played hide and seek and I hided where I shouldn't have been and then that meant that I got tickled when she lifted me to where I should have been. This happened quite a few times 'cos I was liking it so much that I kept going back to where I knew I shouldn't be and that made my MH smile and I like that.

I missed a trip into the gym with the old dear 'cos I was having a snooze on my couch and she told me that I looked so cute all scrunched up that she decided just to leave me sleeping while she tooked her little legs to do their exercises, but I did get a big cuddle when she comed home again.

I haven't been doing very much but I have enjoyed all the things that I have done. I asked my MH to play with me and she did as you can see from the photographs. She said I have to tell you that she forgot to take her camera with her when she went to the gym, but she will try and remember tomorrow and show you her new walking machine.

If I remember, I will remind her.

Monday, 27 February 2017

And Another Week Begins

It was a fine morning when we all got up and me and my MH went for a wee wander even before the old dear had her breakfast. We went down our path to collect the milk and I was a very happy little puss running beside my MH. I made her smile again 'cos my little wagger was straight up in the air and all fanned out and she thought it looked lovely----and I agreed, of course!

I had a long wander round my garden when we went back home and as usual just managed to nip inside as she was finishing her cereal and I drinked up the last drop of milk which was lovely. I was left on my own for a while as my humans had to go to a meeting but they were home again very quickly and me and the old dear had a cuddle and a chat which was lovely.

My DH was busy outside and because my MH had decided to do all the housework that she should have done earlier and it was safer for me to be out the way of the vacuum and the dusters, but I had good fun just following him around and watching everything he was doing. I also had a wee chat to the sheeps that were outside my gate, and yes, I did watch where I put my adorable little paws.

So, I have had a very good day just nipping in and out and watching what my humans were doing. I even had a wee snooze on my couch while my MH played on her Wii and then it was cuddle time again. If the rest of my week is as good as today, then I won't be complaining.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

More Wet

I am enjoying my night time sleeps. When I was a baby puss, I used to waken up lots of times through the night. Sometimes I needed to use my litter tray, sometimes I wanted to play with my MH and I wakened her too, and sometimes I just needed a cuddle 'cos I had been having a bad dream, but that doesn't happen any more.

Well, now that I have had a wee think, that's not really true 'cos sometimes I still waken my MH 'cos I need a cuddle, but it doesn't happen as much now that I am all growed up, and my MH doesn't mind when I waken her up or if she does, she doesn't tell me and after a cuddle and a wee whispered conversation, we go back to sleep again. My day time sleeps are no problem at all, just in case you are wondering!

It was a very lazy day Chez Squeak, although my humans did have to go to a meeting for a wee while at lunch time and the old dear has just told me that there is another meeting tomorrow morning, but just for a little while so I am OK with that 'cos it means that there will be no vacuum cleaner to annoy me. Yippee.

I got a nice surprise this afternoon when my friend S. comed to my house to see me. I don't mind when she talks for a long time to my MH 'co I know it is really me she has come to see and she always gives me lots of lovely cuddles which I love loads.

So, that has been my very good Sunday. I hope you have had a good day too.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Just a Normal Saturday

You know I like Saturdays, don't you? And today was a good one although the weather could have been a bit better, but I know that I am very lucky when I see what lots of people are having in different bits of the country, so I shouldn't really complain.

Me and my MH were up first this morning and I sat on her knee as she had her breakfast and watched 'Jessica' again. I don't know what the old dear will do when all the Jessica programmes are finished! Anyway, I sat on her knee and then after I had finished the last wee drop of milk in her cereal bowl, I nipped outside to see what was happening.

I had a word with all the sheeps that are still just outside my gate and I realised I have to be very careful 'cos there is a lot of sheeps poo around and I need to watch that I don't get my adorable little paws covered in this smelly stuff 'cos I think the old dear would either make me stay outside or have a bath, and between you and me, my dear friends I don't like either of those choices so I just watch where I put my paws and I think that is the bestest option.

I sat on my couch for a while and watched as my MH played on her Wii and she told me that the next time it is on, I have to get weighed, so I will let you know if my little Wii Mii is happy with me. I think it probably will be 'cos I can still jump through the fence without even touching the sides, so I am still very trim---and healthy.

I am hoping we will go to the gym together tomorrow. My MH went on her own while I was having one of my many snoozes, so I shall make a point of accompanying the old dear the next time she goes. Then she will remember to take some photographs for you. OK? Good.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Fun Filled Friday

We have had a very good day. We have had quite a lazy day but it has been good and I have been very happy. It is still very cold on my little island and although my little weather man friend told me it might snow, it hasn't come yet and I have been waiting very patiently. Maybe tomorrow?

My MH wasn't too busy today but she did give me a big surprise when she asked me if I wanted to go a little walk with her. I wonder if you can guess what I said? Normally our milk gets delivered with our post but today it was left in a bag on the gate at the end of my road. The gates are all up round my house just now 'cos the nice farmer man next door has let his sheeps out to get some more grass. See? So, my MH needed to go for a wee wander to get the milk and I went for a wee wander with her and I loved it lots.

I did make her laugh when we got back to my house 'cos she went in through the gate and then helded it open for me, but do you know what I did? I jumped through the fence and landed on my grass with a big 'plop' and she laughed a lot.

I got another big surprise when we went inside 'cos my DH was getting rid of the boxes that the new television and treadmill comed in and of course I had to have a explore. The television box is the biggest one I have ever seen and I am sure my DH could build me a house with it---if I wanted a house of course!

I had great fun sniffing all round it and it was so big inside that I nearly got lost! Hee hee. I have asked the old dear to take some pictures of our television and treadmill and she said she will do it tomorrow, so I hope you can wait till then.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Funny Day....

...but a good day. I had a very good sleep last night with no wind shouting at me and when I went out this morning it was dry and calm but a bit cold, so I had to keep running at the speed of light to keep my adorable little body warm.

I didn't stay out too long 'cos I knew that the warmest place for me was on my MH's knee and although she had some housework to do, she always has time for me, and if she is VERY busy, then I persuade her--very gently, of course!

I just followed her around while she hoovered and dusted and then waited patiently till my DH came back from the boat with our boxes and it was then I got a great big surprise 'cos he comed in with two boxes instead of one and one box was ginormous! It was the biggest box I have ever seen in my en-tire life!

I was a very curious little puss and I waited and waited until my humans opened it and then I saw it was a brand new television and it was a big one. Then my DH had to start putting it all together and I just watched from a safe distance. A wee while later I heard some people coming into my house and I jumped off my MH's knee and hided under the couch until I knew who it was, and then I jumped back up onto the couch and let them stroke me which was lovely. It was some friends of ours who had come to help my DH lift up the television and put it on its little unit 'cos it was too heavy for my MH, so we are all very happy now.

And, it still isn't windy! Yippee

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

What a Wind

It was a terrible night on my little island with the wind screaming at us all the time. I didn't like it at all but I did go out for just the littlest of times before bedtime. I got rained on and I nearly got blowed away and to be honest, my dear friends, it did rather unsettle me a bit and I spent the rest of the night all cuddled up beside my MH. That made me feel lovely and safe, as well as cosy, and I liked that very much.

It was still very windy when we all got up and my DH was a bit worried 'cos he was supposed to be going back to the Cat shop and this was his first day since he had decided not to retire but the sea looked so angry that he thought the boat might be too frightened to come out for him. However, we all looked out of our window and saw it coming and that made him a happy DH, so off he went and left me and my MH to spend our day together. We sat and chatted for a while and she stroked me, but then we played some games too and that was good fun and she tooked these pictures for you. I think I look delightful, don't you?

She did a wee bit of housework and I did a big bit of sleeping till she was ready to give me lots of attention and then we sat on the couch and had lots more cuddles together until we got a great big surprise when our friends N. and M. came to our door with my MH's new treadmill and they put it up for her, so now her little legs can get their exercise again. She is a very happy MH.

You will be pleased to hear that the wind has stopped shouting at us and that makes me much happier so I will be able to have a longer play outside before bed time tonight which is very good news. My little weather man friend told me it has to be a not too bad day tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

I hope the naughty wind didn't hurt you.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Grey Day

It has not been very nice on my little island today, but was I sad? Was I downhearted? No, indeed I was not, and I am sure you will all know why? Yes, it was acos my humans were at home with me all day and that always makes me a very happy little Squeak.

I didn't even bother to go and find my intrepidness 'cos I didn't really want to go out as it was cold and wet and windy, and my little weather man friend told me that it is going to be colder and wetter and windier over the next few days, so I think my intrepidness can stay wherever I happen to have left it. He told me the somebody called Doris is coming and she is going to bring lots of bad weather with her, so I hope she is not a friend of my MH's 'cos I don't think she will be very welcome on my little island. I shall have a word.

So, I hear you ask, what have I done all day? Well, I have had lots of snoozes and lots of seats on the old dear's knee when she hasn't been working. She had to do all the work she didn't get done yesterday, so she was a wee bit busy, but there was still lots of time for me. I made very sure of that!

'Member I told you she was taking her knee to the doctor? Well, he told her it is a very wonky knee and he is going to give her another one. She will soon be more metal than bone! Hee hee I will tell you more when I know it, OK?

So, that's all my news. The wind is starting to shout at us so I don't know if I will have my nocturnal trip to the outside before bedtime, but I shall lie here on my MH's lap top and think about it.

And you will know tomorrow. Night night.

Monday, 20 February 2017

All Alone

I have no news for you at all 'cos I have been all alone today. As I told you, my humans had to go to Kirkwall and so we were all up very early this morning and I did manage a wee trip outside before they shut me in the house and went away and left me. Oh deary me.

It is not really as bad as it sounds 'cos I had lots of food and biscuits and water and of course I was lovely and cosy, so I shouldn't really complain---but!! -- Hee hee

It wasn't too long before they were back home to me and I got lots and lots of cuddles. I will let you into a wee secret. I have a special look that makes my MH feel really guilty and I gave her 'the look' today which meant lots more cuddles. It never fails.

I made her laugh a lot when she comed home 'cos when she was trying to get changed I head butted her---very gently, of course --every time she bended down and we both had a giggle.

So, although I don't like being on my own, it is always brilliant fun when they come back to me.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not A Bad Day

I like Sundays 'cos we are all lazy in my house and my humans have lots and lots of time for me. I got quite a surprise when I nipped up onto my window sill this morning 'cos when I looked out into the field I saw lots of great big birdies. Lots bigger than the birdies that me and my humans feed every day and my MH told me these birdies were gooses and they were nearly as big as me, so I decided just to leave them in peace and watch them from my house.

I did lots of resting and snoozing and I also got lots of cuddles which always makes me happy. I was able to sit on my MH's knee lots of times and I purred very loudly as she stroked my adorable little lugs. My DH was watching the football on my television so we were all having a good time.

My MH played on her Wii again and I just lay on my couch and watched her. Oh dear, my dear friends, she does look so funny when she is doing some of her games and I won't describe how her little bum wiggles 'cos you might be eating, but oh, it does make me giggle--but only when she isn't looking, of course. I am a very wise puss!

We played a lot together when she was finished and I had a super time which I just loved. I found my little ball again and me and the old dear played football and it was magic.

So, my Sunday has been very good, but I am afraid I am to be abandoned tomorrow 'cos my MH has to take her knee to see the doctor and so my humans are going away on the first boat. And me? I shall see them off and then I shall head straight back to my little bed and rest until they come home to me again. Sigh.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Not So Crackin'

In fact, not a crackin' day at all. Well, outside at least. Inside it was fine but it was very cold and VERY wet today and not a day when this adorable little puss wanted to go out and see the little baby sheeps in the field. I don't like getting wet, and I do worry about the little lamb 'cos it just cuddles into its mummy to try and keep warm and it makes me a tiny bit sad. I gave my MH my 'please can we bring it inside?' look, but it didn't work, and I suppose if we brought the little lamb in, its mummy would be worried and maybe even angry, so I hate to admit that the old dear might be right. Sigh!

Apart from that I have had a good time. I sat with my MH while she was reading and she just kept stroking me and I loved that. I went out a couple of times to the greenhouse with my DH but I was a bit too cold, so I just nipped up to the window so that I could get in to the warm again.

I played with my MH and then I watched as she did her exercises on the Wii and then I was ready to cuddle in beside her again when she was finished.

It is raining lots again, so I think I might be having a very short pre-bedtime trip outside. I think I am getting much wiser as I am getting older. Hee hee

Friday, 17 February 2017

Another Crackin' Day

As soon as I opened my adorable little eyes this morning, I saw lovely sunshine and I knew I was going to have a super,duper day and that's what I had.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then nipped out the window and into the garden where I just sat for a long time in the nice warm sunshine. OK, it wasn't as warm as I would have liked, but it wasn't cold and there was no naughty wind blowing me away, so it was a very good start.

There wasn't very much happening around my house, but I could hear the tractor in the farm beside us, so I knew I had to be a bit careful if I was going for a big explore. I wandered through the fields and that's when I got a big surprise 'cos I saw a brand new baby sheeps! The first one of the year! And that means that I will soon have lots and lots more friends to play with. Goodie!

It was quite quiet in my house and there was no vacuum cleaner or dusters, so there was always a cuddle for me and then me and my MH went out into my garden together so that she could hang a duvet on the rope and I wonder if you can guess what I was doing while she was busy? Yep,I was up the pole!

I made one of my famous hundred miles an hour runs across the grass, launched my adorable little self up the pole and sat at the top looking down at my MH who was far, far away down on the ground fighting with a duvet trying to get it on the rope. And I was so happy just watching her from away up high.

So, you can see that I have had a very good day and I am hoping that it will be as good tomorrow 'cos I have made lots of plans for what I want me and my humans to do. Watch this pussycat space!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Less Bounce

I have still had a good day, but I haven't been as lively today as I have been. I blame it on my age, hee hee.

It was house working day again and I helped the old dear when she worked in my bedroom and I got a big surprise when she changed the duvet covers again, but I did manage a quick game of hide and Squeak inside the duvet cover and that was really good.

My DH played with me lots when he comed back from the boat and he brought me a big bit of string that we played with for ages and that too was just the bestest of fun. I love string day and it makes me a very happy little Squeak when my humans play with me.

My MH went away to do crafty things in our Hall with her friends so I was left in charge of my DH and I looked after him vey well but I was very happy when my MH comed back to me again and I gave her my special cuddles and a very loud purr and she liked that millions!

So, it has been a good day and I have liked it lots.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Bouncing Puss

I have had a crackin' day. I am very happy that my MH went away to Stromness yesterday 'cos the weather was so bad that I was quite happy warming up the various sleeping places I have in my house, but today has been another Spring day and we have both been able to go to play in my garden and you know that makes me very happy.

I helped her do some housework and she was changing the beds again so I played one of my favourite games and my adorable little tummy got tickled lots of times and I loved that. I played in my garden all by myself and I did some exploring to see if I could find any mouses, but there were none, so I just did a lot of sniffing and a wee bit of thinking.

I was in the middle of one of my thinks when I heard my MH calling for me and when I founded her, she was hanging out the washing and she wanted to play with me and that made me very,very happy.I ran around after her and I even climbed the clothes pole and that made her laugh like it always does. I wasn't really in a pole dancing mood, but I just wanted to see if I still had what it takes now that I am seven. And guess what? I still have it!

But then, I think we all knew that already, didn't we?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A No News Day

So, I don't have any news for you 'cos she who reads my mind (or makes most of it up!) went away to Kirkwall and left me and the old boy all alone in my house, and also because it was so cold on my little island that I spent most of the day sound asleep and the only exercise I got was wandering around my house trying to find a different spot to rest.

My MH came home about half past four in this afternoon and I was a very happy puss cat and suddenly springed into life and bounced all over my house! I followed her wherever she went and I asked her to play with me, which she did so I got plenty of exercise then.

I still haven't been out 'cos it is cold and windy, but I am in my very favouritist spot and that is on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop and she is stroking my little lugs as she is writing this to you.

Pussycat heaven!!

Monday, 13 February 2017


I have been bouncing today. Everything I have done has been at top speed and there have been a lot of bounces as well so I have decided that it is Spring. OK I know it is freezing cold and it is still frosty, but inside my adorable little head it is Spring. OK?

I have had a brilliant day. Both my humans have been at home with me and even though it is housework day which, as you know, means vacuum cleaner, dusters and polishes--sigh-- my MH made sure there was plenty of time for me and once we played for a long time on the top of my bed with me hiding under my blanket and my MH pretending she couldn't see me, then she finded me and tickled me and it was just the magicest thing ever and I loved it lots.

I don't have an awful lot of news but we have all had a good day and right now I am all cuddled up on my couch with a very full little tummy and I shall be there until it is time for me to have one of my many nocturnal trips outside before bedtime.

I wonder if it will be Spring tomorrow?

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Good Puss

That's what I have been today. The little monkey in me was having a rest and the very good me was on show all day 'cos this was a special day. It was my MH's birthday and I couldn't be naughty on that, could I? Just wait till tomorrow, though!

There were lots of visitors in my house today to see the old dear and I liked that 'cos they all made a fuss of me and stroked me and told me I was lovely, and that made me very happy. When my friend S. came, I made her smile 'cos I played with my little ball and she thought I looked so cute running all over my living room with it, and then I chased my MH's folder so that she couldn't do any more work. I may not be able to speak, but I can certainly make myself known!

It is quite cold on my little island but it is nice to be able to get out to play and I have been in and out lots today,so I have had a very good day and I hope your day has been very good too.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Little Monkey

That's what I got called today ---- quite a few times, I'm afraid. I was in an exploring mood all day and my humans kept catching me in places I shouldn't have been in. I was in the big cupboard when my MH went in to get something, but fortunately, she saw me and didn't shut me in like has happened on other days.

Then she opened a drawer and I just HAD to see what was in it, so I nipped inside for a second or two, but managed to nip out again before she shut it. My next visit was inside the little kitchen cupboard when she went in to take out the big rice dish and she left the door open. Well, if that's not an invitation, what is?

But my very bestest explore was inside this big black bag. My MH's friend gave her a present and it was in this bag and while she and my DH were looking to see what the present was, yours truly was looking to see what was inside the bag. And guess what there was? Yep, nothing! Just me!!

Don't be worried 'cos my humans knew where I was and I was safe. They are worried in case I get something called 'suffercated' so they watch me all the time, and whatever it is, I didn't get it. OK?

I have had a very good day and the weather has been very good too with some nice sunshine and a bit of frost, so my little island has looked lovely.

I hope you have had a good day too.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Guess What?

I wakened up quite early this morning and as usual ran to the window to see what the world was doing and I got a brilliant big surprise--- but to be sure I was seeing the right thing, I rubbed my adorable little eyes and yes, it was still the same. My beloved little island was covered in snow! Beautiful white, cold snow! Oh I was so excited. I wakened my MH and told her I wanted out right away and then I was off, into my garden and bouncing on the snow and loving it MILLIONS!!

I have been in and out the entire day and I have loved every minute of it, but sadly the snow didn't last very long and by the afternoon my garden was all green again, but I was still quite happy playing 'cos it wasn't too cold and there was lots for me to do.

I asked my MH to take some pictures of the snow and she did, and then she tooked this one of me 'cos I was very tired after my dinner. I think the excitement might have made me sleepy, but I definitely needed a snooze.

And of course, that's just what I got. Don't I look cute?

'Yes' is the word you are looking for. Hee hee

Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Busier Day

I haven't been very busy, but my humans have , so I have just spent my day wandering around my house helping them and keeping out of the way of the awful vacuum cleaner. Ugh! I thought the old one was bad, but this one is even worse 'cos it makes a noise AND is has a light on the front. My MH says it is so that she can see where all the dust is, but I am convinced it is looking for me! As soon as it appears, I take up my position on the back of my couch 'cos it will never come up there. Will it?

My DH had to go outside to fix my MH's little kangaroo 'cos it wouldn't go for her when she wanted it to, and he said that its battery was flat, so he did something to make it a different shape so that it would go. I hope that's not too technical for you! Hee hee

There was still lots of time for me, and I found the bit of string that I had been playing with so me and my MH played with it for ages and I loved it. We played in my kitchen and I like that the bestest 'cos my little feets slide on the linoleum and that makes me go even faster and my MH says she likes the noise my adorable little feets make when I am racing around my kitchen, so it suits us both.

So, I have had a good day and I am happy. I hope you have had a good day too.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Up Early

We were wakened early this morning when it was still quite dark 'cos my DH decided he wanted to go to Stromness and had to get the early boat. I got up with him and let him give me my breakfast and I sat with him till he went away, and then I bounced straight back in beside my MH for another little snooze and I liked that 'cos I had a very good dream.

Me and my MH sat on my couch and we had a long chat while she stroked my adorable little lugs. Oh my dear friends it was heaven. I love sitting on my MH's knee as you can see from today's picture. It is my very favouritist seat and I know she likes it when I do it so it makes us both very happy.

My DH was back at lunch time and we all had a lazy afternoon doing not very much at all but it was good because the weather still isn't good enough for us to be outside, although I have had a couple of explores in my garden and in the fields, so that keeps me happy--- and fit!

My humans have to go out to a meeting tonight, but they have promised me it won't be too late till they are back home with me, so I shall probably have a snooze till they come home. My only problem is where to have it.

Oh, decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rain and Wind

Oh dear. It has been a not good day for weather on my little island and this little puss has struggled to get outside, but I made it! I had a big long look for my intrepidness and when I found it, I nipped out the window and spent a wee while in my garden. Mind you, I had three attempts at the door before I finally made my move, and my MH was getting a tad annoyed at me---as well as a bit very wet 'cos the naughty wind was blowing all the rain into my porch and when I tried to get out, I got wet! I didn't like that so I turned back---about three or four times. Hee hee. Guess who was not best pleased?

I did feel a wee bit sorry for my MH today 'cos she was supposed to be going to Stromness to meet one of her friends, but the wind was too bad and the boatmens told her that maybe the boat wouldn't go, so she stayed home with me. That made ME very happy, and she liked being with me, but she was a wee bit sad at the same time. But, as usual, Squeak to the rescue. I asked her to play with me and we had such good fun that she forgot to be sad, so that was good, sure it was?

I got a big surprise in this morning 'cos my MH asked my DH to help her clean all the soft toys that she has on top of the wardrobes and we all went into my bedroom. I lay on top of my bed as my DH threw all the little toy animals down beside me so that I could have a sniff and then my MH cleaned them and gived them back to my DH who put them all back again. I liked watching, but it was very tiring and soon I was sound asleep and my humans just smiled and left me in peace.

I do like my little snoozes.

Monday, 6 February 2017


It has been a windy afternoon on my little island and quite wet too, so we have all been in my house, but it has been fine 'cos we have had good fun. As usual, it was house working day for my MH and when I was in, I followed her round the house and she talked to me all the time she was working.

My DH thought he might go over to Stromness at twelve o'clock in this afternoon and off he went while me and my MH settled down and had a wee chat about what we would do with our time. In a wee while we heard a noise and when we went into the kitchen, my DH had comed back again 'cos all the afternoon boats had been cancelled because of the naughty wind. Oh dear, he wasn't a happy DH but I gave him a cuddle and he was all better.

I had a wee snooze this afternoon and then I got a bit restless so I nipped up onto the window sill and rang my chimes to get my MH's attention and then I asked her to play with me and she did. We had good fun, but you will see in one of the pictures that her one of her little feets wasn't happy. All because of my little claws. Oops, sorry little feets! Mind you, it took me three or four goes at the chimes before she did and I was beginning to think I was losing my touch. But it worked--- just like it always does--eventually!

I went outside after my dinner but just for a little time 'cos the wind was very strong and I wasn't very comfortable getting blowed about, so I am back inside, on the couch with my adorable little head on my MH's lap top and I am very, very happy.

I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Very Good Day

I have had good fun today both inside my house and out in my garden. It was a fine morning when we all wakened up, so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled up, I was out of my window and into the garden. I had a wander round about and a wee sniff here and there and then I saw the nice farmer man next door coming to the big shed beside my house. He was in his tractor so I stayed well out of the way until I knew it had stopped and then I wandered over to see what he was doing and he said 'Hello puss' to me which made me feel happy, so I gave him a rather special purr and that made him happy too.

It was our usual quiet day in my house, but then in the afternoon, two of my friends came to see me and my MH. The old boy tooked himself off to the study to watch the football while we all sat and had a chat and I got lots and lots of cuddles which delighted me as you can imagine. My friends talked a lot to my MH but they talked to me and played with me as well so I have had a very good afternoon.

And where am I now? Well, I am on the couch all cuddled up beside my MH and my adorable little head is on her lap top, but so far she hasn't made any mistakes. Unless you find some! But don't tell her 'cos it will be my fault if there are any!

My friend in Canada has a new pussy cat and he plays with her keyboard too and makes her send funny messages and I for one am very proud of him!

Saturday, 4 February 2017


I am very content just now and life is very good to me. Everything in my house is going just the way I like it and we have all had a very good week. Nothing wildly exciting, you understand, but nothing bad either and that has to be good, sure it does?

This time last week my humans were getting all ready to go away and leave me, and my MH told my DH that she was glad it wasn't tonight, 'cos it is a tad windy and she doesn't like going out in the dark when it is windy. And I am very glad she is staying in with me too.

I have been out a few times but not for very long 'cos it is wet as well as windy, so I just go out one side of my house, have a quick run round the garden and then come in the other side and this always makes my humans laugh.

We were a wee bit worried this morning 'cos my MH had been watching Jessica as usual, and as soon as she had worked out who the murderer was---when all the hundreds of policemens couldn't!-- we put the television off, and when the old dear went to put on a light, we had no electricity! Oh dear, it was a bit of a worry, but she spoke to a nice man in the Hydro board and he said there was a broken wire somewhere and they were working very hard to fix it. I cuddled up beside my MH to make sure she didn't get cold, but about an hour later everything beeped and all our power comed back on again.

My MH told me a wee secret. She doesn't mind if the power is off during the day, but she hates going to bed when it is cold and she can't put on her electric blanket. I think I might be needed to give lots of cuddles if that happens.

We are all fine now and settling down to watch my television although I will probably have at least one more trip outside before I go and practice being an electric blanket!!

Friday, 3 February 2017

A Very Good Day

It hasn't been a very exciting day, but it has been a good day and I have liked it very much indeed. Fridays are good in my house 'cos that's when our weekend begins and we all take it very easy. There is no housework and no vacuum cleaner so that means lots of times for me and as you know, I like that.

It wasn't too bad a day for weather although it is still cold, but at least I wasn't getting rained on or blowed away, so I was quite happy. I sat under the honeysuckle bush for a while 'cos sometimes the little mouses come there, but there weren't any visitors today, so I just went home again.

I asked my MH to play with me and we had good fun for a long time which quite tired me out and I had to have a little snooze. But then she asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her and I was there before she had her walking shoes on. Hee hee

She played on her bike and I just sniffed around and then sat on the chair till her little legs were all done. Did I tell you she was getting a new treadmill? Well, she is 'cos the other was got broke a bit and won't go any more. We are getting a wee bit excited and as soon as it comes I will ask her to take some pictures for you.

I hope it is a good one 'cos maybe I will do some exercise on it as well and keep being a fit little puss. I shall give it some serious thinking.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Very Normal

That's what my day has been and I for one have been very happy with it. My MH has finally learned how to work her new laptop, so she is a lot happier and has got more time for me so I am a lot happier too.

They were going to go to Stromness this afternoon, but when we all looked out of our window, we saw that the weather wasn't very good and so we all decided that they would just stay at home with me and that was good. It was a bit cold and wet and windy and they wouldn't have liked it, so they were better inside my house.

I was in and out lots of times but as usual, just for little whiles and then when I came back inside, I either sat beside my MH on my couch or we played on the floor with all my toys. I helped my DH do little bits of work and he liked that.

So, you see, my day has just been a very normal one and I have been promised that things will be normal from now on. Yippee!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Happy Squeak

I am feeling a lot happier today than I have been for a wee while. I have been OK and I am very well, but I am afraid I have been a wee bit jealous of my MH's new computer! There, I've said it. I know I shouldn't be 'cos it's me that cuddles up beside her at night, not her machine, but she has been doing a lot of work on it to get it all working and I just felt a bit left out, and I'm afraid I sulked a bit. Oh dear. I am seven years old--surely too old for sulking---but it worked!!

I let it be known yesterday that I was not best pleased and the old dear closed up the aforementioned computer and came down on the floor to play with me and we played for ages and ages and I was just the happiest little Squeak in the en-tire world!

She told me she was very sorry that I had been neglected and promised me that it will never happen again, so I forgived her and made some very special squeaking noises just for her. We have all had a very good day but the weather is still a bit on the cool side for me, so my trips outside are quite short and one time when I comed home, it was my DH who let me in and he was worried that I was very cold so he gived me a great big cuddle to warm me up again.

I was tempted to go out again so that I could get another one but decided against it. Hee hee. So that's all the news from me tonight, but I am happy and I hope you are all happy too.